Thursday, February 21, 2013

Putting Photos On A Flash Drive

1. Find a picture in

2. Press Print screen on keyboard

3. Exit Ancestry

4. Click on start on the bottom of desktop

5. Click on all programs and select accessories

6. Click on paint

7. While in paint click on edit

8. Click paste

9. Then save as your file name as a jpeg document

10. Exit paint then go in to Irfanview on desktop

11. Click on file then open

12. Open your file from your flash drive

13. Edit- Crop selection

14. Save to Flash Drive

15. Exit Irfanview

I hope these instructions were helpful from a handout I was given.


  1. Another way is:
    1. Find a picture in
    2. Right-click the picture and select "Save Image as"
    3. Save to Flash Drive

  2. Oh, I should've just put that instead of all 15 steps. Oops. :)