Thursday, February 14, 2013

Finding Names For Temple Work

Someone asked a question whether or not there was an easier way to find temple work that needs to be done on their family line, like if there was a way you can see all the names on one page that needed to be done by scrolling down the list? Answer to that is Legacy has a way where you can link all the names that creates a list of ordinances that are ready, but Family Search you have to just go through each couple and see what needs to be done.

You could move your info onto Legacy to make that list of people but if you already have everything on Family Search, you're better off to just use that rather than take so much time adding everything onto another site.


  1. Rather than a site, Legacy is a software program where you can build and organize your own family tree. Once you have linked the individuals with Family Tree (Legacy has an automatic link process), you do have to sync each individual in order to get the ordinance information. Once that is done, however, it makes tracking who does/does not need ordinances very easy.

  2. Thanks Sheri for adding that on my post, it makes more sense now. Colby :)